In week 25, MOT Foundation facilitated an international MOT Basic Education and an Outstanding Leadership Education at MOT-camp.

The ‘main’ participants were MOT Thailand’s new Country Manager Pikky Thanantiwong, and Daha Gobdoon who wants to start MOT in Minnesota in the US.

In order to make Pikky and Daha get the ‘right’ and ‘MOTty’ feeling a group of ‘senior’ Young MOTivators was invited to participate. It was an intensive week full of learning, inspiration, great experience and fun. Both Pikky and Daha expressed that they got a much deeper understanding of MOT and were excited to go back home and read and learn more to get ready for their future roles.

MOT has got two great new associates in Pikky and Daha. We look forward to watching their next steps in their MOT countries.

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