The story of the tiny frog


Once upon a time a bunch of tiny frogs arranged a running competition to reach the summit of a mighty mountain.

A big crowd gathered along the track to watch the race, and nobody truly believed the small frogs would actually reach the top.

When the race began, they started shouting “This will be way too difficult! They will never make it. Not a chance, the summit is too high!”.

One by one the frogs gave up. All except for one, who kept climbing higher and higher. The crowd kept shouted discouraging comments, but this frog would not give up. He kept going, and eventually he made it to the very top of the summit.

Everybody wanted to know how this one from managed such a great feat.

His secret? This little frog was deaf!

Others negativity and discouraging comments can often damage your faith in your dream or passion. Sometimes you must choose to ignore it in order to reach your goal and get to the top of your summit.