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Atle Vårvik

Atle Vårvik

Atle is the initiatior and founder of MOT and has been leading the organization since the very beginning.

Atle is a leadership consultant and for two years (2000-2002) he was leading the consultant company Positive Leadership with the program “Courage to lead” which was held for business leaders. Since 1997 he has been working closely with some of Norway’s best business and organization leaders.

In 2014 Atle won the award “Ladejarl of the year” which was given out by the Reitan group. This was the jury’s arguments:

Atle Vårvik is great at value-based leadership, both national and international. He is good at helping people develop and is a great builder of identity and culture. He is also a good strategist and director. He has been responsible for getting financial support and keeping the costs at a minimum.

Atle received “This year’s award of honor” at the Norwegian sport gala in 2015. This year’s award of honor” 2015:  Alte Vårvik (MOT) and Johann Olav Koss (Right to Play).

“This year’s award of honor” looks at role models within the sport who use their positions to contribute to better values in society. The jury admires these two ideas and dreams which have grown into something of value in Norwegian communities as well as poor, conflicted parts of the world. This year the award is given to two who have created something unique – something which makes a great difference to a lot of people og something we all can be proud of.”

Atle was a speed skater and participated in two Olympic Games. He took with him the experience of top sport culture and being a part of a winning team.

He was the best Norwegian during the World Championships in 1988. Participated in the Olympic Games twice (92,94). He was 8th in the total World Cup in the 5000 meter the season of 93/94. He won the 10 000 meter during the Norwegian national championships in 1992. He also became national champion in marathon on ice twice.

Johann Olav Koss

Johann Olav Koss

Johann Olav Koss is initiator and co-founder of MOT, together with Atle Vårvik.

Johann has a desire for a peaceful world where children can be children, play and feel well.

He is the founder of Right to Play. Johann is an international and visionary leader and strategist with a background of several kinds of organization work. He has been a member of IOC, and was the athlete’s spokesman in IOC and a board member of WADA. Johann is a doctor, has degree within Executive MBA at Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

Johann is one of the best speed skaters of all time. He is four-time Olympic champion and three times world champion. Johann received the Oscar-statuette in 1990, 1991 and 1994, the sport journalist’s statuette in 1991 and 1994, Fearnley‘s Olympic award in 1994 and Jesse Owen’s International trophy in 1995. In 1994 he was named the sportsman of the year by Sports Illustrated.

TIME Magazine has named Johann as “One of 100 Future leaders of Tomorrow” and by World Economic Forum he was named “One of 1000 Global Leaders.”

Johann has been imperative for the continuity and stability of MOT. One of his strengths has been inspiration and strategic thinking and ideas. He has also contributed with is experience within finance, PR and reputation.




Dag Otto Lauritzen

Dag Otto Lauritzen

Dag Otto Lauritzen is one of MOT’s founders.

Dag Otto is one of the best Norwegian cyclists of all time. He has competed in the Tour de France eight times and have a victory from one of the mountain stages. He also won a bronze medal in the Olympic Games.

Dag Otto has a passion for motivating people and strengthening youth’s will.

He has an education as a police officer and paratrooper. He has 13 years of experience as a leader within real estate.

Dag Otto represents continuity and stability. One of his best qualities is motivating the leader group of MOT and make them believe that everything is possible.

Rune Bratseth

Rune Bratseth

Rune has a passion for values and conscious choices. He has great experience as a leader, as he was the director of the norwegian football team Rosenborg for 12 years and  captain of the Norwegian national football team for several years. He also has an education within leadership.

In 2008 Rune was named the best national team player of all time by the norwegian newspaper Dagbladet and a jury of experts. He has a total of 60 matches for the national team and 230 matches for Werder Bremen. A team which he won the Bundesliga and the German cup twice. Rune also won the league with Rosenborg.

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