What: The MOT Programme Robust Youth 12-16 is for secondary schools and consists of 12 MOT sessions of 150 or 120 minutes over three years. The objective is to develop robust youth, who include all. The MOT sessions have different topics and MOT’s values – courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no – are a common thread throughout the programme. The MOT sessions are presented by carefully recruited people who are very good at reaching the youth.

Who: The MOT coach is the one who presents the MOT sessions for the youth in the classroom. It is crucial for MOT to have the right enthusiasts on the team and the recruitment of the right MOT coach is MOT’s number one factor of success. The MOT coach may be a school staff member or a local resource person who has good skills in relating with people.

How: When MOT has made partnership with a secondary school the recruitment of the right MOT coaches starts. The MOT coaches are recruited locally and educated by the national MOT organisation.


The sessions in Robust Youth 12-16:

The name of the MOT sessions         

Year 1

1  Show courage

2  Expectations  

3  Focus                

4  Dialogue                      

5  Individual strength 

6  Valuable          


Year 2

7  Choices            

8  Dreams            

9  Role models    


Year 3

10 Safety             

11 Value awareness

12 Future            


Mandatory implementation of all MOT sessions

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