The MOT concept




A warmer and safer society


Courage to live

Courage to care

Courage to say no


Work proactively

Give culture-builders responsibility

Reinforce the positive

See the whole person


MOT shall develop robust youth, who include all by strengthening awareness and courage.

Important instruments are MOT’s philosophy, programmes, initiatives, logo and partnerships.

MOT shall be outstanding at reaching young people in a youthful, innovative and sincere way.


The right enthusiast,

who achieves value based accomplishments


The country management is a solid foundation

for implementation, financing and reputation

MOT’s identity and concept

To develop your identity is to “become a distinct person”.

“I am me, you are you”.

This is what it’s like with MOT. MOT wants to develop robust youth who include all. MOT wants to strengthen youth’s awareness and courage. This requires MOT to have a place in the minds and hearts of youth. It requires that MOT has a clear identity.

MOT’s identity = The history of MOT + the MOT concept.

The history of MOT is the life story of MOT, experiences and decisions we have made since the very beginning. The MOT concept is MOT’s number one success formula, and a requirement in order to run MOT.

The thoughts and background for the MOT concept is embodied in six elements and based upon the following three factors:

  • What MOT is passionate about
  • What MOT can be the world’s greatest in doing
  • How MOT can be realised

If we implement the MOT concept, it will strengthen the possibility for MOT to succeed even more for all time when it comes to developing robust youth who include all.

The diamond

An uncut diamond hides a rare beauty. The diamond needs to be cut and polished, and it’s the diamond cutter’s skills that liberate the diamond’s fiery beauty.

The MOT concept is MOT’s diamond. The diamond illustrates MOT’s comprehensive and global life skills concept, while also symbolising youth, who are uncut diamonds. MOT’s enthusiasts are crucial diamond cutters, both for the youth and for MOT.

A Chinese proverb states: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”. The MOT concept also began with a single step – and an uncut diamond.

A diamond we have been polishing for years, and that we will never stop polishing.

Why focus on concept?

MOT’s concept is a management tool that makes it easier for all of MOT’s local, national and global associates to make decisions.

Focusing on concept rather than on control ensures that more of our resources can be spent on action and activities.

MOT’s focus on concept strengthens the MOT associates’ and partners’ security, predictability, common understanding and collective creative force.

MOT’s focus on concept strengthens the MOT associates’ and partners self-motivating force, personal passion, pace and service.

MOT’s focus on concept makes it easier for a MOT partner to become independent.

Focusing on concept rather than on control reduces the need for meetings, processes, inspections, documentation, reporting, and expensive and discouraging quality controls.

Focusing on concept rather than control requires meticulous prior work.

AND REMEMBER: There is an enormous difference between to control and having control.

Local MOT partners are gold

MOT enters into partnership agreements to ensure the best possible implementation and distribution. This partnership is intended to be based on mutual dependence in order to achieve even more than expected.

Each country manages is the Country Manager of the MOT concept through partnership with The MOT Foundation. Each local MOT partner manages the MOT concept through partnership with the Country Management.

The Country Management commits to providing the required education, guidelines, guidance, recommended recipes and sparring in order to enable the local MOT partner to access the MOT concept and utilise it. Each local MOT partner commits to following the MOT concept’s guidelines and constant basic system.

The MOT partner implements locally through independent action innovation, to reinforce:

  • The process of recruiting the right people
  • MOT’s two programmes
  • MOT’s two initiatives
  • Experience
  • Impact
  • Financing and reputation
  • Keeping local operational costs low

Independently running MOT partners are created through:

  • Firm foothold. Achieved through working closely in the beginning: the first 2–3 years after entering into partnership.
  • Further growth independently. This means that the MOT partner is as independent as possible through use of thorough templates and recipes, in addition to continued contact, further education, gatherings for reflection, and service.

The local MOT partner, the Country Management and the MOT Foundation have common goals:

  • Robust youth who include all
  • Youth with awareness and courage – to live, to care and to say no
  • Warmer and safer society
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