The MOT concept


A warmer and safer society


Courage to live

Courage to care

Courage to say no


Work proactively

Give culture-builders responsibility

Reinforce the positive

See the whole person


MOT shall develop robust youth, who include all by strengthening awareness and courage.

Important instruments are MOT’s philosophy, programmes, initiatives, logo and partnerships.

MOT shall be outstanding at reaching young people in a youthful, innovative and sincere way.


The right enthusiast,

who achieves value based accomplishments


The country management is a solid foundation

for implementation, financing and reputation

WHY make a life skills concept?

  • Why do some people destroy their lives?
  • Why do some people destroy other people’s lives?
  • Why do some people destroy the society?

The MOT concept was first and foremost developed to reduce problems in the society and in people’s lives.

However, we have experienced that there are many additional impacts, such as strengthened awareness, courage, go-ahead spirit, learning orientation, optimism, sense of mastery, joy, passion, inspiration, self-confidence, self-esteem, belief in own abilities, ability to make own choices, solidarity, better class culture, culture of safety and culture of thriving. MOT is also used as a tool in culture-building and leader development.

The greatest part of this, is that youth and others use MOT in their own way!

The thoughts and background for the MOT concept is embodied in six elements and based upon the following three factors:

  • What MOT is passionate about
  • What MOT can be the world’s greatest in doing
  • How MOT can be realised

If we implement the MOT concept, it will strengthen the possibility for MOT to succeed even more for all time when it comes to developing robust youth who include all.

The MOT Concept – more details:

MOT’s values

Courage to live

    • Be yourself
    • Lead yourself
    • Be passionate
    • Accept to not always be great

Courage to care

    • Create a good feeling in others
    • Show respect
    • Show love
    • Care for the outsiders

Courage to say no

    • Prioritize
    • Stand up for your values
    • Dare to speak out
    • Practice tough love

MOT’s programmes

  • Robust Youth 12–16
  • Robust Youth 16–25
  • School as a Society Builder
  • Primary School and Kindergarten as Society Builders
  • Municipality as a Society Builder

MOT’s two initiatives

MOT’s initiatives are youth’s reinforcement to strengthen their MOT-belonging, their robustness and their courage.

  • I wear my choice
  • MOT Forever

The MOT logo

Reinforcement and reminder. Strengthens awareness and courage. Seal of approval. Unifying symbol. Symbol owned by many people.

MOT partner

A MOT partner is a secondary or upper secondary school, a municipality or country that has entered into partnership with MOT. This is MOT’s chosen method of distribution and implementation.

The MOT philosophy

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