The most unique about MOT: Youth use MOT in their own way

MOT believes youth can do it themselves. The sessions in the MOT programme can be viewed as do-it-yourself-guides, but the most important is the effort the youth put in, in-between sessions. MOT recognizes that youth like to do it themselves, if they have the opportunity, guidance and tools.

Through MOT the youth shape themselves. They implement MOT’s message within, and feel ownership and joy. This ensures that MOT’s message is sustainable on a long-term basis, both for the youth of today and when they grow up and maybe become parents, as well as for the entire society. We create cultures and societies where these people do it themselves, they build environments, they build societies and they create a safer world.


The history of MOT 1977–1979: A dream and a passion is born

1994–1996: MOT’s pregnancy

A meeting between the passion and the dream

A calendar project

22nd February 1997: MOT is born

Idea and MOT creator: Atle Vårvik

Initiators: Atle Vårvik and Johann O. Koss

Founders: Atle Vårvik, Johann O. Koss, Dag Otto Lauritzen and Rune Bratseth

It all started with a passion and a dream. A passion for people. A dream about the Olympic Games. After that came the idea, and two speed skaters who wanted to strengthen youth’s courage.

It started right after the ’94 Olympic Games at Lillehammer, as the calendar project “Norwegian top athletes against drugs”.

During the Skiing World Cup in 1997 in Trondheim, MOT was founded.

22nd February 2017: MOT comes of age

The final sentence of MOT’s beginning was written at MOT’s 20th anniversary.


Today, MOT is a youth- and society builder

Today, MOT is a youth- and society builder, with a comprehensive and global life skills concept.

MOT develops robust youth who include all.

The most unique thing about MOT is that youth use MOT in their own way.


MOT is established as independent organisations in the following countries:

 Norway (1997)
South Africa (2008)
Denmark (2013)
Thailand (2015)
Latvia (2016)
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