The MOT Foundation


The MOT Foundation was founded by today’s MOT Guard (MOT’s founders) in 1997 and represents the origin. Its purpose is to be the bedrock for MOT’s global and comprehensive life skills concept and for MOT worldwide.


The MOT Foundation’s role. Top five:

  1. The MOT Foundation is the innovator, developer, protector and facilitator of the MOT concept
  2. The MOT Foundation approves/confirms each MOT Country’s recruitment of the three main roles: Chairperson, CEO and Core Activities Manager
  3. The MOT Foundation is the licensor of MOT and gives countries worldwide the rights and guidelines to operate MOT
  4. The MOT Foundation is a hub of life skills, wisdom and implementation experience for MOT Go Global, MOT countries and others, and a facilitator for copy with pride, sharing successes and best practice, reflections, input and common understanding.
  5. The MOT Foundation is a support, sparring and reflection partner for independent MOT countries’ board and management (2-3 years after foundation)


The MOT Foundation’s goals:

  • Continuously reinforcing the MOT concept
  • MOT in an eternal perspective
  • MOT being a global top 10 brand within 2057


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