The MOT Foundation


The MOT Foundation was founded by today’s MOT Guard (MOT’s founders) in 1997 and is the worldwide concept and brand identity owner and licensor. The MOT Foundation represents the origin and is supreme body worldwide. Its purpose is to be the bedrock, hub and helper for all MOT countries worldwide. Its purpose is to be a driving force to recruit new MOT countries.


The MOT Foundation’s focus areas:

  • CONCEPT. Excellent reinforcement and management of the concept.
  • BRAND IDENTITY. Ensure right MOT identity and reputation.
  • NATIONAL IMPLEMENTATION. Implement the concept and brand identity in the best possible way in each country.
  • GO GLOBAL! Make MOT become a bastion and tool for the UN, national governments and countries. Dynamic acceleration unit for MOT’s growth worldwide – spread MOT globally. Recruit new MOT countries. Promote that the key to a safer world is to boost youth’s robustness and courage.


MOT countries shall be TMF’s outstretched arm in reinforcing the concept, brand identity, implementation and go global-work.



The owner of the MOT Concept and Brand Identity is MOT Guard which consists of the founders:

  • Johann Olav Koss
  • Dag Otto Lauritzen
  • Rune Bratseth
  • Atle Vårvik


LEADERSHIP TEAM (2,5 work years)

Four big roles:

  • Atle Vårvik President of MOT and MOT’s originator. Head of the MOT Concept/Brand Identity
  • Sigrun Vårvik Manager National implementation and MOT Go Global
  • Lisa E. Rønsberg MOT Facilitator
  • Regine O. Hatten Deputy manager and facilitator


Three important key persons:       

  • Marte Wivestad. Part of MOT since 2005. Representing MOT expertise: culture building and concept implementation.
  • Rune Skanke. MOT coach since 1998. Representing continuity, right people flair and the ID Centre MOT camp.
  • Geir Nesset. Part of MOT since 2007. Global technology and system support expertise.


The MOT Foundation’s outstretched arm

– and valuable contributors and sparring partners

  • MOT World Board (informal unit – chairperson from each country)
  • Other board members in MOT countries
  • Board members in the MOT 4ever foundation
  • Country Managers in MOT countries
  • Core Activities Managers in MOT countries
  • Programme experts, MOT communicators and MOT Coaches e.g. Stina Grøn, Magnus Bjørgan, Sigrid Setsaas, Ingrid Ness Rolland
  • The «MOT DNA»: Kristian Vårvik and Johann Vårvik
  • Communication and promotion experts + Wise and kind helpers and energy givers
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