Lisa Enga Rønsberg

Managing director

Main focus: MOT's Comprehensive system and MOT Foundation's administration


- I had MOT in secondary school myself. MOT hit me straight in my heart. MOT made me more robust and more aware of that I could make a difference to others. Today, I think MOT is more important than ever, and I am passionate about youth being seen and that all shall be included.

Lisa (born in 1988) has ownership and has been passionate about MOT since 2001. In 2002, she became one of the world's first Young MOTivators. Lisa has been a MOT employee since 2007. In 2014, she wrote her master thesis in Economics and Business Administration. The main profile in her thesis was about strategy, organizing and management, focusing on schools' and municipalities' partnership with MOT and which factors were important to succeed as a Local Municipality with MOT.