About MOT

MOT's life skills concept is being used by schools and municipalities on four continents – Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

We have a passion for strengthening the youth's robustness, mastery of life, mental health, awareness and courage. We are convinced this promotes quality of life, inclusive environments, safe schools, resilient communities and peaceful societies. We know this prevents social problems such as exclusion, frequent bullying, violence, alcohol and drug abuse, crime and mental problems.

We believe in the power of inspiration, values, trust, responsible role models, responsible leadership, local ownership, partnership with schools, well-functioning schools and sustainable communities.

The initiative to start MOT was taken by the former Olympians and Norwegian speedskaters Atle Vårvik and Johann Olav Koss after the Olympic Winter Games in 1994.

Their motivation was to prevent social problems in society by implementing values and attitudes that would make youth better at taking care of each other and better at making conscious choices.

They wanted to increase youth's quality of life, self-esteem and courage and by that making it easier for them to make their own choices, stand up for their own values and take care of the ones who are left out and different.

They wanted to use top-level athletes as a tool to strengthen a safe and inclusive society and childhood environments.

That was the beginning of the MOT Concept.

MOT can be an outstretched arm and a tool for the UN and national governments to achieve sustainability and social goals.

Watch this video with a short introduction to MOT

The Government of Norway gives important support and funding to MOT Norway every year. Below you can read a summary of official notes written by the national Committee on Health and Care Services, the Committee on Education and Research and the Committee on Family and Culture, stating the reasons for their support to MOT:

The results of MOT are good. Research has shown that MOT's preventive and health promoting programmes in schools have positive impact on establishing good and safe learning environments.

By developing robust youth, who include all, MOT is an important tool in order to achieve mastery of life and good mental health.

MOT's important long-term and systematic work across sectors also improves public health, prevents bullying and promotes safe and inclusive growing up environments.