MOT reminders

Ellen Homstad is writing MOT reminders twice a month. You can find more of her MOT reminders by visiting @ellenshowscourage on Instagram.

Ellen is a global MOT speaker. She first met MOT as a 13-year-old in school and has had ownership to MOT ever since.

«I noticed that MOT made a difference for our class environment and each individual in the class. I use the tools that were given to me by MOT in my life every day. I dream of strengthening the courage of youth from all around the world, and that they will have a similar experience with MOT as I did. I am proud to spread MOT's philosophy because I know that MOT contributes to a better society.»

Your biggest fan

Who do you see in the mirror when you wake up in the morning? Except for a tired face – you are looking at either your biggest motivator or your greatest critic. It is up to you to decide which one it is. You can choose to be your own biggest cheerleader. Start rooting for […]

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The art of saying no

Do you find it difficult to say no? When somebody asks you a favour or wants you to join something, it can be hard to say no. We want to help, we don’t want to miss important opportunities and we don’t want to offend. These are some important tips that can help you say no […]

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Who is your role model?

The people we look up to make an important difference in our lives. Whether it is a football player, your favourite YouTuber, the school’s best teacher or simply your best friend, role models can act as important guiding stars. Role models can inspire you to take actions towards your dreams by motivating you and showing […]

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Basic steps to robustness

When do you feel most robust? Often it comes down to the most basic things in life. To have slept enough, had some good food, spent time with friends, and been able to get outside for a bit. In other words; it might sound like a boring solution, but it doesn’t have to be complicated […]

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What makes you happy?

When are you at your happiest? For some, it is when they are playing their favourite sport – scoring a soccer goal, running along a river trail, or playing a video game with their friends. Others tick when they can express themselves creatively through art or editing, listening to music, dressing up in a cool […]

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Don’t underestimate the power of saying hi

When you turn to somebody for a smile or a hello, you might make a bigger difference than what you are aware of. Simply by saying “hi”, you are making somebody feel included and seen. You are inviting them into a conversation or to sit with you. If somebody is feeling nervous about going to […]

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Do you believe you will fail again?

Have you ever seen an elephant in circus? The big creatures are being held only by a small rope tied to their front leg, and can break away anytime if they tried. But they do not try. The reason is that young elephants are unable to break free when tied to the small rope. After […]

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How do you respond to challenges?

When a potato is thrown into boiling water it becomes soft and weak. The fragile egg, with the thin outer shell, turns hard when boiled. But the coffee beans react completely differently. They change the boiling water and turn it into something completely different – a hot cup of delicious coffee. When faced with challenges, […]

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