MOT's life skills concept

MOT's life skills concept is founded on the purpose to create a safer society through strengthening youth's robustness, awareness and courage – courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no. The MOT Concept is like a key-card that is lent to schools, municipalities and countries on a partnership premise.

What makes MOT's life skills concept unique is MOT's programmes, the enthusiasts, the logo and the three simple life values – and that youth use MOT in their own way. The MOT Concept consists of six elements and a set of standards and recipes.


  • A warmer and safer society


  • Courage to live
  • Courage to care
  • Courage to say no


  • Work proactively
  • Give culture-builders responsibility
  • Reinforce the positive
  • See the whole person

MOT's values and principles make the MOT philosophy.

Diamond with values: organisation, vision, values, principles, mission, associates.
The MOT Concept is embodied in six elements.

MOT shall develop robust youth, who include all, by strengthening awareness and courage.

Important instruments are MOT's philosophy, programmes, initiatives, logo and partnerships.

MOT shall be outstanding at reaching young people in a youthful, innovative and sincere way.

The right enthusiast, who creates value-based performances.

The national leadership is a solid foundation for implementation, financing and reputation.

More about the concept

When the MOT Concept is implemented correctly and according to the recipe it will prevent destroyed lives and social problems in society, such as: frequent bullying, exclusion, mental problems, alcohol and drug abuse, crime and violence. The MOT Concept strengthens youth's robustness and gives young people courage to live, care and say no.

MOT gives youth, and adults, a platform for reflection, awareness and personal development, as well as the opportunity to become more robust and to show more courage. Hence, the MOT concept causes several additional impacts, such as strengthened go-ahead spirit, learning orientation, optimism, sense of mastery, joy, passion, inspiration, self-confidence, self-esteem, belief in own abilities, ability to make own choices, better class culture, culture of safety and culture of thriving. MOT improves the social environment and quality of life among young people. MOT is also used as a tool in culture-building and leader development.

The MOT Concept is a uniform management tool that makes it easy for all local and national MOT leaders and associates to make decisions, become self-moving and keep up speed and have great power to make things happen.

The MOT Concept is lent out to schools and municipalities through a partnership agreement with a country's national MOT organisation. The MOT Concept is lent out nationally through a partnership agreement between a country's national MOT organisation and MOT Foundation. MOT Foundation is the worldwide MOT licensor and owner of MOT's concept and brand profile. The MOT Concept's basic system, governing standards and recommended recipes are determined and modified by MOT Foundation.

The great benefit of focusing on concept and trust is strengthened ownership, joy and self-motivating force, and less reporting and discouraging quality controls.