Latest news from MOT Foundation.

Spot on recruitment

We are sending 140 new MOT coaches, MOT leaders and MOT coordinators out to our young people in Denmark these months.

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*If you say hi, you say more than you think.

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That special atmosphere

August was the month of the peak for MOT Latvia, in which we could feel, master and increase the ownership to MOT.

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MOT Thailand updates

During 6th – 7th of August 2020, Mr.Niyom Budda as a Vice chairperson and Dr.Pikky as a CEO & CAD of MOT Thailand attend a seminar on counseling for inmates in drug cases as a psychosocial of  Nong Khai Provincial Court.  

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MOT Women’s Month stories

August is Women’s Month in South Africa. It is the month dedicated to remembering the struggles of women, celebrating what we have achieved and continue to fight for what’s to come.

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