MOT’s X-factors

Evaluations show that MOT prevents and protects against the most negative outcomes of the youth time. There is less bullying, fewer youth without one single friend, less mental problems and alcohol and drug abuse in MOT schools.

15 X-factors

1. Prevents social problems in the society.MOT prevents by focusing on values, attitudes, quality of life and comprehensive understanding (understand the reasons behind the reasons).

2. MOT’s Comprehensive System. Everything is systemized. MOTs Comprehensive System is MOT's identity and success formula, that ensures common direction locally, nationally and globally. MOT’s Comprehensive System consists of MOTs life skills concept and brand profile.

MOT's life skills concept (core identity):

3. MOT's life skills concept. The MOT Concept is the platform for raising awareness and a performance management tool for schools and municipalities that have entered into partnership with MOT.

4. Strengthens youth's robustness. MOT is an aid in building youth's robustness. Individual robustness and robust relationships with class environments, school cultures and local communities where all are included. MOT is convinced that youth's robustness is one of the keys to a warmer and safer environment. Less destruction of lives. Better quality of life.

5. Youth show more COURAGE. Courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no. The Norwegian word 'MOT' means courage in English. Aristotle: Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.

6. Engaging and effective programmes in schools and local communities. MOT's programmes are developed over 25 years through curiosity, observations, surveys, experience, testing, flair and research.

7. Outstanding MOT coaches who are enthusiastic, good role models and perform MOT enriching to the youth in the classroom.

8. Simple life values. MOT has a clear message and applicable tools. The MOT philosophy has 50/50 focus on the individual and on the group. Working with the group MOT raises awareness among robust individuals, with good attitudes, of their great responsibility to create robust cultures and relations where all are included.

9. MOT reaches in, making youth use MOT their own way. Youth become self-builders. Because:

  • Each youth relates to the MOT values in their own way. A connection is created between youth's heart and MOT's values.
  • Involves all. Inspiring experiences where the youth themselves are in the centre. A magical atmosphere of trust, nearness and positive energy – without finger-pointing and condemnation.
  • Youth feel MOT takes them seriously. Youth experience MOT as positive and true.

MOT's brand profile (extended identity):

10. TOP ATHLETES and an exciting history. MOT was founded by Norwegian top athletes and is associated with top athletes. MOT is managed in the spirit of top athletes – with the power to make things happen, go-ahead spirit, hunger for development and endurance.

11. YOUTH FEEL THEY OWN MOT. MOT has a place in youth's mind and heart. MOT is the youth's brand. Principal: What's so good about MOT, is that the youth feel they own MOT.

12. RESULTS. Everything MOT does shall have an impact. Research shows that MOT strengthens youth's courage, awareness and self-esteem – and prevents and protects against the most negative outcomes of the youth time. There is less bullying, fewer youth without one single friend, less mental problems and alcohol and drug abuse in MOT schools.

13. RECOGNIZABLE 'P-YIS' IN EVERYTHING. PASSION! Youthful, Innovative and Sincere in everything and everywhere. MOT is responsible, insightful and professional in its social work.

14. LOGO on profiles and COOL PROFILE BUILDING. A conscious image and expression built on positive associations rather than scare and finger-pointing.

15. TOP GLOBAL BRAND and other DREAMS. MOT wouldn't have succeeded without big goals. Unrealistic dreams have become true. Big global goals for the future and several million youth in the programmes by 2037 and a top global brand by 2057.

Other X-factors

  • MOT is neutral politically as well as religiously. MOT is non-profit.
  • MOT has the lives of the youth in the centre.
  • MOT was started exclusively to help young people get the best possible life and future.
  • Since the Olympic Winter Games in Norway in 1994, idealistic top athletes and others have used their influence to get important resources on the team. MOT is a uniquely composed team with successful profiles, great national and global leaders, and associates who inspire and are passionate about MOT's objective. MOT has the right people, the winner culture, the organizing and long-sightedness – and the brand.
  • MOT is a positive reinforcement to schools and municipalities in their work with values, national directions and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.