MOT Global

MOT Global Management


  • The centre of force for the MOT concept, competance, culture, development, fellowship and common understanding
  • Start aid for new MOT countries the first 2–3 years – incl. basic education and board member
  • Pushing MOT’s growth into new countries
  • Inspirator for MOT countries – incl. attendance at MOT Enthusiast gatherings
  • Sparring partner for MOT country management – incl. reflection gathering and peptalks
  • Support for MOT country management

Development – benefitting all countries worldwide:

  • Develop today’s MOT leaders (incl. new board members)
  • Develop the future structure and find/recruit the right «leaders of tomorrow»
  • Develop MOT’s programmes
  • Develop «MOT of tomorrow»
  • Develop MOT Global’s competance about life and society, leadership and brand building
  • Develop global website, global toolbox, global internal solutions etc.
  • Write MOT books
  • Development partner for projects strengthening warmer/safer societies beyond MOT 

Organising – benefitting the management in all MOT countries:

  • Set up the MOT World Summit every/every second year
  • Share documentation and best practice between the countries, e.g. from the MOT World Summit
  • Make ready-made presentations
  • Be available for support
  • Make global concept and manuscripts accessable
  • System and IT support

Support for the MOT country management

Sparring- and reflection gatherings with the MOT country management

Establishment new MOT countries – incl. recruitment of the right Chairperson and Country Manager, and active presence at basic educations and board Meetings


MOT Global Management = 12 people = approx. 2,7 FTEs/work years (2017)

  • Approx. 1,5 FTEs on development and organising
  • Approx. 1,2 FTEs on:
    • General support to the MOT country management
    • Sparring og refleksjonssamlinger til MOT-landenes ledelse
    • Establishment new MOT countries – incl. Recruitment of the right Chairperson and Country Manager, and active presence at basic educations and board Meetings

All MOT countries are independent operational organisations

All MOT countries are financially independent 

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