Marcus Bailey is a Norwegian TV host and entertainer and has been an ambassador for MOT Norway since 2017. The past month he has been visiting MOT-schools during the Dream period in Norway with the important
message: show courage to be yourself and show courage to live!

Markus Bailey is known for his great humor and his ability to entertain an audience. During his school visits he has talked about
MOT from the stage, danced with the youth and created an YIS-experience. The
response from the youth have been amazing. One of the greatest quotes from
Markus when he visited a school named Namsskogan was the following:
"All my life I've tried to fit in. But later I realized that I don't have to fit in anywhere, as long as I fit in myself". We believe that is an important message to give to the youth from a role model, because many youth
can relate to that.

We are also proud to have a great handball player named Magnus Abelvik Rød as a MOT ambassador. When we met Magnus about a month ago we asked him: what can MOT do for you? Magnus answered: take me to a school so I can meet the youth! So in February we took Magnus to a school in Oslo
where he talked about the importance of including others and being a great role

We are grateful to have MOT ambassadors that have ownership to MOT and inspire the youth to show courage! That's what they are all about!

Regine Oen Hatten, Core Activity Director MOT Norway