MOT’s values and principles

MOT’s philosophy is universal and timeless. It consists of three values and four principles.

Three values

Courage to live

  • Be yourself
  • Lead yourself
  • Be passionate
  • Accept to not always be great

Courage to care

  • Create a good feeling in others
  • Show respect
  • Show love
  • Care for the outsiders

Courage to say no

  • Prioritise
  • Stand up for your values
  • Dare to speak out
  • Practice tough love

Four principles

Work proactively

  • Build a culture
  • Be prepared
  • Communicate clearly and sincerely




Give culture-builders responsibility

  • Include others
  • Be a good role model
  • Be there for others

Reinforce the positive

  • Be innovative
  • Plant positive expectations
  • Look for the best in people and situations

See the whole person

  • Show background understanding
  • Be curious instead of judgmental
  • Be generous