MOT programmes

MOT’s programmes have been developed continually since 1994, and the development is everlasting to ensure the continued effect and results. The development of the programmes happens through being open towards fluctuations in interests, attitudes and knowledge – among the youth and in society.

MOT's programmes consist of thoughts and techniques based on research and literature, but most of all modern pedagogical thinking and development through experience, curiosity and judgment.

MOT's programmes all showcase a combination of structured implementation, enthusiasm and quality. They encourage and inspire youth to become responsible on their own behalf and on the behalf of others.

MOT's programmes in secondary and upper secondary school both consist of 12 sessions over the course of three years. The MOT sessions are inspiring, educational and creates an atmosphere of energy and trust. The youth are not simply recipients of a message, they are co-creators and actively taking part in the programme. The most unique thing about MOT is that youth use the MOT values in their own way. The MOT coaches reach the youth. The MOT programmes create a connection between the hearts of youth and the MOT values. Youth become self-builders.

MOT’s 5 programmes were invented and developed by Atle Vårvik, the principal founder of MOT.

Didactic structure in the MOT sessions

  • Activity (exercise, storytelling, role play, illustration/film, visualisation)
  • Questions/Listening (reflection, debriefing, "what did it mean?") The objective!
  • Tools
  • Commitment – How? Where do we go from here?
MOT youth |

MOT thinks about implementation on three levels: As a unifying model in the community, as part of the school’s daily routine and by conveying a message to each youth – in a positive way. MOT works proactively towards all youth.

MOT believes youth can do it themselves. The sessions in MOT's programmes can be viewed as do-it-yourself-guides, but the most important is the effort the youth put in, in-between sessions. MOT recognizes that youth like to do it themselves, if they have the opportunity, guidance and tools.

Through MOT the youth shape themselves. They implement MOT’s message within and feel ownership and joy. This ensures that MOT’s message is sustainable on a long-term basis, both for the youth of today and when they grow up and become the parental generation, as well as for the entire society. MOT creates cultures and societies where people do it themselves, they build environments, they build societies and they create a safer world.

MOT has two programmes for youth and three programmes for adults.