Hallmarks for robustness

Robustness is having high self-efficacy and a belief in one’s ability to handle adversity and commitments.

MOT is focusing on the individual. MOT is focussing on the group and social relationships.

MOT is focusing on the individual. MOT strengthens self-power and develops each youth’s resilience and awareness around own values, self acceptance and ability to help themselves.

12 hallmarks for individual robustness:

  1. Shows courage – to live, care and say no
  2. Positive attitude to challenges
  3. Ability to deal with adversity and difficulties
  4. Ability to deal with prosperity and approval
  5. Ability to commit
  6. Positive passion
  7. Self-efficacy
  8. Makes conscious choices
  9. Healthy self-esteem
  10. Hopes, direction and goals, and a personal vision for the future
  11. Accepts/is oneself
  12. Confident in one’s values and in being by oneself

MOT is focusing on the group. MOT strengthens relations and helps youth to see themselves in a greater whole and to understand the importance of including all.

12 hallmarks for robust cultures and relations:

  1. Everyone is included
  2. Positive social connection
  3. Background understanding
  4. Tough love
  5. Atmosphere of trust, intimacy and positive energy
  6. Unity with good communication and interaction
  7. Everyone’s positive traits are highlighted
  8. Sees themselves as part of a greater whole
  9. Treats others with respect
  10. Everyone tries to see the best in others
  11. Everyone listens to other people’s opinions, and takes them seriously
  12. Everyone helps others if they can