Ellen Homstad

Global MOT Speaker & Coordinator MOT’s Programmes

Main focus: Worldwide Programme Development & MOT Basic Education assistance to new MOT Countries


- I had my first meeting with MOT when I was 13 years old. Already after the first MOT session I noticed that MOT made a difference for our class environment and for each individual in the class. MOT created an arena where all of us were seen. This made us feel safer within ourselves and also easier to include others. Every day, I realize that I use the tools that were given to me by MOT. I walk around with the flashlight in one hand and the tank with jet-fuel in the other. Therefore, I am incredibly proud to be part of this fantastic team and to spread MOT's philosophy. Because I know that MOT contributes to changing the world.

Ellen (born in 1999) has ownership to MOT since 2011. She had MOT in school and was also a Young MOTivator. Since 2013, she has attended several MOT gatherings and MOT educations. Despite of her young age, Ellen has both international experience as well as experience with MOT's programmes. In 2019, over a period of two months, she conducted, as MOT coach, 29 different MOT sessions for secondary schools, upper secondary schools and primary schools. She has great flair for MOT's programmes. Ellen was the main facilitator at MOT's Basic education in Minnesota in November 2019, for the first US MOT coaches.