Youth having MOT in Latvia

A great MOT session in Latvia.

Today, 5th October, I had the great pleasure of attending a MOT session in a secondary school in Latvia. MOT coach Linda met with this class for the third time in the «Focus» session. It was a great experience to attend this MOT session without understanding a word of what was said. However, I could still recognize so much of it and it is amazing to notice how the mechanisms are the same in all the MOT countries.

MOT coach Linda did a great job.

Ilze, the Country Manager of MOT Latvia, was also there and she translated a little of what was going on. One thing that I really liked was when Linda in the beginning of the session asked the youth what they remembered from last time. They remembered quite a lot. However, it was the additional question that I made special notice of: she also asked them what was the point of the things they remembered. I think it is a great question to ask.

Thank you, Linda and Ilze, for inviting me to join in on the MOT session!




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