Activity day at Abel school in MOT Norway


Abel School is a great example of a school that has integrated MOT into their everyday routines. When they arranged a MOT activity day, more youth than students at the school showed up for the event.

Abel school has 85 students at their school. But on Thursday more than 100 youth showed up to the activity evening organised by the MOT team and volunteer organisations in the municipality. The MOT coordinator Torill Sletten was the main organisator of the event.

– It is all about coming together and doing something fun, without having to focus too much on performance. We have become a great team that works together, which makes it easy to pull off events like this. Everybody do their part and it is so fun. The youth describe it as an arena where they don’t need to perform, but that it rather feels like everybody is welcome.

The school conducted 20 different activities, where the youth could win prices if they participated in at least five activities during the day. The prices were sponsored by local businesses.

– Everybody in this town believes so much in MOT. Everybody finds it valuable to contribute, even the mayor of the town has such faith in the MOT values. Having the support from the entire municipality is so helpful to us.

Abel school has worked with MOT in many years, and the programme is well integrated into their every day lives, and the students also use the MOT language.

– I often hear the students say for example “in this class we are good at not following the sheep herd” or using terms like “jet fuel” and “backpack”. We have worked with MOT for many years, and the staff is very positive towards MOT. When the math teacher says that MOT is more important than maths, we feel like we have done something right.