MOT Global work is emerging into the new stage both legally and practically.

All together we are leading into the new way of working as a global self-organising structure. We want to be organisation that together creates the future of MOT in flexible, professional and joyful way.

The first MOT Global Core activity meeting took place in Riga end of May. We find that in-person meetings carry immense value! Sincere sharing, going into the depth of MOT core, exchange of success stories and challenges, new ideas for programme development, fresh acitivites from the classroom and warm summer evening walk‚Äď altogether made unforgettable and inspirational time.

We made some important steps towards a clean frame structure, and “Quality” became our keyword.

Our main task is the development of a core that is up to date with changing environment and youth needs. We have to ensure that MOT is relevant in all MOT countries and also newcomers delivering according to its mission, building resilient youth and strong class cultures.

Thank you all for your great contribution and team spirit! And really hope that next time we will meet also our friends from South Africa face-to-face.

Wishing you a wonderful month aheadūüėä