How we will work with social sustainability

Ungdom (002)

Dear MOT leaders and employees in all MOT countries,

We empathize with those who are suffering in the world. In all continents, no matter whether it is hunger, cold, illness, grief, painful experiences, personal problems, terror, or war. There is a lot of suffering in the world, but luckily our world is also filled with so much inspiration and joy.

I am proud of the job that you do in schools and communities. The effort you make together with the MOT coaches strengthens social sustainability. It strengthens joy, peace, and freedom for both society and individuals. You inspire youth to become aware, so they can react to situations and life in a well-functioning way. Even the worst thoughts and situations can be turned around for the better when you have courage, the right tools and perspective.

My leadership and entrepreneurship in MOT wrapped up in January last year. I have spent the last year writing the MOT book “The power of resilience”, while simultaneously having been an entrepreneur and temporary leader for DRIVE.

DRIVE and MOT are social entrepreneurs that complement each other. MOT works on top of the bridge to prevent problems. DRIVE works in the river and helps those who already have problems. DRIVE promotes a more peaceful society by giving positive drive and inspiration to the youth who are struggling the most. Click here to watch some of the films Kristian Vårvik has made about DRIVE’s programmes.

March 1st Sigrun and I started our new journey to strengthen societal values and sustainability. We hope that our two new businesses – AS VÅRVIK and MestringsMentor – can help organizations, communities, leaders, and humans reach new heights.

AS VÅRVIK aims to strengthen organizational culture, brand identity and impact on society. Through AS VÅRVIK, Sigrun and I help organizations that want to strengthen communities. We do this through offering support, mentoring, project leadership and temporary leadership.

Through AS VÅRVIK I offer talks about:

  • “Create strong cultures through trust and courage”
  • “How to become a stronger brand and go global”
  • “The inspiration of MOT”

MestringsMentor strengthens communities’ social sustainability. MestringsMentor is a non-profit social entrepreneur driven by the social results and a desire to help communities:

  • How to think new?
  • How to make what is good today, better tomorrow
  • How to create cultures that make humans grow?
  • How to strengthen youth for the future?
  • How to strengthen life quality for all?

Through MestringsMentor Sigrun and I offer sustainability guidance for municipality leaders, principal recruitment and inspiration for the elderly.

I wish you a lovely March and April. Thank you for the effort you make to create joy, peace and freedom for communities and individuals.

Wishing you all my best,

– Atle –