Why robustness?


My greatest MOT pride in February is the work done on the book “The Power of Resilience”.

The inspiration for the work has been to write a book that can be understood by many, especially key persons in countries’ governments, municipalities, schools, and kindergartens. The content is backed up by scientific findings.

How can we prevent exclusion, mental illness, substance abuse, bullying, crime, and violent extremism such as school shootings, mass murder, and terror actions?

The book describes the importance of strengthening youth’s robustness and inclusive school environments. The consequences of low levels of robustness and poor school cultures can be catastrophic. The book describes the characteristics of those who conduct terrible actions that harm lives and communities.

With robustness and inclusive school environments there will be fewer who feel the need to gain the world’s attention through terrible actions. With robustness and inclusive school environments it will be more difficult to recruit youth to terror groups and criminal gangs.

Robustness is one of the most important qualities a human can have to strengthen the quality of life and cope with adversities. Strengthening youth’s robustness is the key to creating a warmer, safer and more peaceful society, with less destruction of lives.

By strengthening the youth’s robustness will there be less of a need to repair adults.

I finished this book in February.

Adjusting, proofreading, structuring, translating, and printing are all that remain.

The book will be ready in both English and Norwegian in June.