MOT Norway: The best result of all time


In January 2016 Marte, the leader of MOT Norway, could show documented results from the MOT-survey of 2015 wich was concucted on tenth graders in Norway. 8.478 students answered the survey (an increase of 6% from the year before).

The survey has these questions, among others: “MOT has made me better at caring for others”, “MOT helps to build a classroom environment where differences are accepted”, “MOT helps me make conscious choices”, “MOT has made it easier for me to say no”.

The average score of MOTs effect was a record high 5,70 on a scale from 1-7. The results were also high the past two years (5,60 and 5,59), and when MOT Norway manage to improve even more, that is very impressive. Congratulations to MOT Norway and MOTs local associates that creates YIS-eperiences, and that implements MOTs pgrogramme “Robust youth” in an impressively good way.

MOT Norway reaches the youth. MOT Norway makes a difference!