Another great team of MOT coaches in Denmark


Another great team of MOT coaches ready to implement the Robust Youth 12-16 programme in Danish schools.

MOT Denmark is growing! Before this school year began, we had 19 schools with MOT and now we have 49 schools with MOT. That makes us both happy and proud because it means that even more youth in Denmark will get MOT in their hearts – approximately 16.000 in total.

We have just finished our last two Basic MOT Education with 97 participants – among them 74 MOT-coaches. This is a record in MOT Denmark!

Now, a number is one thing but the quality of the people representing the number is another. It is such a joy and a bucketful of ‘jetfuel’ to witness this group of enthusiastic, inspirational, curious and highly motivated MOT school leaders, MOT coordinators and MOT coaches! It makes me think back to when I was young and realizing what a difference it would have made for me if I had had either one of these MOT coaches represented in my life.


We have now reached a point in MOT Denmark where we have a solid and effective recruitment process implemented. We get the right people on board and receive the best feedback ever. The motivation to start up MOT is at its highest! The wish and hands on actions to create the best possible arenas for MOT in the schools are at its highest! MOT school leaders are as filled with ‘jetfuel’ as we are and that is of great importance.

Tim, Mark and I are so proud of being part of MOT. Most of all because we get to see what a difference MOT makes for young people. We are 3 ‘marathoners with a good sprint routine’ and we love it!

Best wishes to all of you from the 3 of us.