Courage to Care Day


MOT SA celebrates the Courage to Care Day in September because their school year has finished by the time we reach the 23rd November.

On their Facebook site MOT SA shares some beautiful pictures of Young MOTivators spreading courage and joy in their local communities. One of the pictures shows Young MOTivators visiting Vuzokuhle Pre-School to spend some time with the young children and provide the little ones with snacks & drinks. The comment from MOT SA to this picture reads; We are so proud of our Young MOTivators for using the MOT values and principles in their communities and at the colleges and schools. Thank you for leading positive change. You are our hope for a better future for South Africa!

Another group of Young MOTivators visited an old age home to pamper the elders with much-needed love, attention and snacks. MOT SA’s comment to these pictures is; Thank you for showing the courage to care for others! We are so proud of all of you for spreading happiness & positivity wherever you go!