Young MOT Leaders from Norway


MOT Norway had two Courage to Lead gatherings in October.

In week 40 and 41, there were two Courage to Lead gatherings in Norway. In total there were 38 youth gathered these weeks and all of them were carefully selected by their school or muncipality.

During the camp the youth went through leadership challenges, team work exercises, outdoor activities, awareness rooms and reflection around values and the future. The main goal with the gathering was to strengthen the youth’s life skills, courage and an insight to who they are, what they want and what’s important to them. This also make them better leaders.

A new record

With the new 38 Young MOT Leaders, MOT Norway now has over 300 Young MOT Leaders in total from all over the country. The leader of MOT camp, Rune Skanke, is very proud of the new record:

– I am very proud to say that we now have educated over 300 Young MOT Leaders in the past five years. This is robust youth who include all and I know they make a big difference in creating a warmer and safer society, Skanke says.