MOT in Greenland


MOT is expanding globally – and now we are in the very cold north.

Greenland, which is part of Denmark, is the largest island in the world and now participating in the MOT programme.

In August Ukaliussaq School joined MOT. The school is located in Nuuk and have 650 students. Hanne Pedersen was trained in Denmark in August and was very thrilled to be the very first MOT coach in Greenland. She and Karno Lynge (MOT leader at the school) is very happy with the results so far, and has already notified the other schools in the southern parts of Greenland.

Young MOTivator Nanna and MOT-coach Hanne

The school also participated in YoungMotivator programme and sent Nanna Chemnitz Frederiksen from the grade to Denmark to train for the programme. She has now started the programme for the 6.graders in Ukaliussaq School.

Hopefully this will be the start of a large number of Greenland schools in the programme. We, MOT Denmark, are currently speaking with potential local partners and sponsors in order to finance the programme.

We look forward to see the upcoming results from the cold north.


Best regards

Mark Vogel

MOT Danmark