Top 5 for a great beginning, week 45


I guess this week is a big crossroad for the future opportunities for Kristian and Johann (Vårvik). Both are now in the Netherlands and today they are launching the song and music video “SCHAATSEN in THIALF” during the World Cup which starts today. Already the project has got a lot of attention, and we as parents have enjoyed sitting on the sideline watching the boys work with the song and video project.

When you are at the beginning of a new project/concept/organisation/business, starting from scratch, there are some factors that are important to get a great start. I guess most founders/creators/inventors will recognize them:

  1. Dream/idea
  2. Passion/glow
  3. Belief – that nothing is impossible (hope and optimism)
  4. Drive (courage and stamina)
  5. Teammates (skilled professionals, door openers, kind contributors, people of inspiration)

“SCHAATSEN in THIALF” published today (10 November 2017):

Music video: