MOT Denmark says thank you!


MOT Denmark hosts an event every year where the purpose is to give thanks to our business partners!

We let MOT youth from all over the country present and arrange the event. In December 2017 we did just that!

Eight Young MOTivators from all over Denmark told what MOT means to them in front of 40 guests from MOT Denmark’s business partners.

“I was one of those kids who didn’t like MOT the first time we had a MOT session! I thought: I’m too cool for this! But then I suddenly began to take it in and… (long pause) … well, it is hard to express with words, but I do believe today, that without MOT I would have become a bad guy!”

“I was invisible before MOT! Today I know, that I am good enough! And the fact that I dare to stand here in front of you guys and show you that I am good enough … well, I would never had done that 3 years ago!”

“I was robust before MOT. But MOT has reinforced my strength and robustness and today I have the courage to stand by myself and my values. For example, I do not drink alcohol. That is a hard thing to stand by in my age where everyone drinks and no one can understand, that I can party without getting drunk! But I stand by my choice because it is who I am!”

“I have become a happier person after MOT came to our school. I am a little grumpy by nature, but I have learned to find a balance now and learned that spreading joy is important for me and others.”

A MOT event is not MOT if there are no activities, so of course the eight youth challenged the guests with a couple of MOT exercises. Our MOT ambassador, badminton player and coach for the French national badminton team, Peter Gade, participated as well. He has been with MOT Denmark since the beginning and was amazed to see what the 8 Young MOTivators could perform and deliver with such professional and authentic authority. He was interviewed by Anders and Magnus and said that among all the professional journalists he has encountered in his long career, these two young guys were among the best!

The youth emphasized the importance of the event at the end:

“When you say thank you, both the receiver and the sender become happy! It is a kind of a compliment, that tells the receiver that he or she is important and means something to someone! And for the one who gives thanks, it is a great feeling of gratitude that you get to share with somone else! That is why we want to say thank you to you dear business partners with MOT! Thank you for cooperating with MOT Denmark and allowing us and 15.600 youth around the country to have MOT! Without you, we wouldn’t have MOT in our school!”

We are so proud of all the young people with MOT in Denmark and our loyal and committed business partners. Thank you.

MOT Denmark