New birth in building relationships with their youth


MOT Latvia has had a great start of the year 2018!

In the middle of January 9 new MOT schools have joined us. The basic education took place from 8.-10. of January with a wonderful group of 21 new MOT coaches and 9 MOT coordinators. This was a special moment for MOT Latvia, because we did 90 % of the education in Latvian language for the 1st time and with a great local team consisting of excellent MOT coaches. Sigrun from MOT Global enriched our “dream team’s” performances with only one part – the wonderful story of MOT’s Identity.

Each MOT basic education is a big event for us and we look forward new groups, new MOT enthusiasts and we all know how different the groups might be. This particular group has been really amazing, right from the beginning showing a great passion, deep believe and trust to the MOT concept and a very strong ownership. Some of the MOT coaches started their sessions right after the education and have shared their first great impressions.

MOT Latvia has kept the proportion of MOT coaches 50/50 school teachers and volunteers from other professions. This time it was very nice to hear from school teachers that MOT for them has been like a new breath, new birth in building relationships with their youth.

Last but not least, on 1st of February 2018 MOT Latvia received an award, given by the Riga City council for “Fastest growth of the year 2017 in work with the youth”! So, we are very glad to be part of MOT Global and proud of what we do in our country.


Ilze Paidere-Staķe

Country manager, MOT Latvia