Less is more


Regine Oen Hatten is one of MOT’s young leaders and she has a key role in our concept work and the global growth. She is also the communication manager of MOT Norway.

Earlier this week she challenged me on communicating MOT’s elevator speech. The elevator speech is the short version of what MOT is and should be communicated in less than 30 seconds. So how can I communicate MOT’s what, how and why in such a manner that everyone understands?

As the founder and entrepreneur of MOT it can be hard to communicate MOT in a few words. MOT is so many things and I really feel like explaining everything.

I’ll have to “swallow some camels” and I am working on being better at “killing my darlings”. The result will never be 100%. I know that less is more. I know that simplicity is the key to success.

My answer to Regine was the following:
We can call this MOT´s “PR-sentence” where the P stands for programme and the R stands for robust. These are keywords which will be remembered by MOT-enthusiasts.

MOT is a life skills PROGRAMME in schools which makes youth more ROBUST. The motivation is to prevent bullying, violence, alcohol and drug abuse, social exclusion and mental health problems.

You may ask why I’m using the last sentence.

Many times, I’ve only explained the solution and forgotten to explain which problem we’re going to solve. I was much better at this before MOT was “born” and the first years after the founding. This last sentence was the main motivation when creating MOT’s comprehensive life skills concept.