Robust youth is the key to a safer world


18thof May 2018 ten persons are killed in a school shooting in USA. A youth is responsible for the actions.

17thof May 2018 a police man is making sure a school shooting is avoided. The suspected is a youth. This youth’s mother says that her son was bullied and beaten when he was in school and that this really impacted him.

The consequences of bullying, violence, drug abuse, feeling alone and mental challenges are too big in our community. The world needs robust youth. By making youth more robust we will ensure that they believe more in themselves and easily find positive arenas where they feel mastering instead of ruining themselves, others and the community. When youth are robust they will have less need to bully and tear others down. When youth are made more robust they more easily include others and are the one, and first, to act when something unacceptable is being done.


The same day as the police man avoided the school shooting we celebrated Norway’s constitution day. The next day I received the following from Odd Reitan:


“I hope the Norwegians receiving this had a great constitution day. We have a great and charming way of celebrating our “birthday” and I hope we will keep this tradition in the future. Being out in the streets, seeing people dressed in their best clothing and with their Norwegian flags is just great. Some countries are showing their tanks. We are showing our people. Thank you for that.”


MOT will for ever work so that youth, people and countries all over the world will be positive and proud. Mostly we will work for making everyone robust so that nobody have the need to shoot “or show off their tanks.”