Youth MOTivated & Empowered at Young MOTivators’ educations


Why MOT? MOT Founder, Atle Vårvik shared a profound article with the MOT team a few weeks ago, which illustrated why we should make youth more robust:

Mikael Ali was part of the criminal gang Young Guns for several years. This was one of Oslo’s biggest and most infamous gangs. Today he is engaged in preventative work. Mikael says that the first thing you have to do is to notice who is drawn towards those groups. It’s young people searching for acknowledgement and belonging.

As a gang leader Mikael Ali was recruiting youth himself. You are very cynical upon doing this. You look for those who are vulnerable, need somewhere to belong and are searching for an identity. They are invited into the group to be taken advantage of and nobody tells them that there is a hell waiting for them. We are saying “come join us, we have a brotherhood.” In the beginning we spend money on them so they feel valued.

This is just one of the reasons why we do what we do.

During May 2018, 55 students from five Western Cape TVET Colleges and PE TVET college and 33 learners from three high schools and one community organisation were immersed into a culture of respect, love and belonging. Our Young MOTivators are now equipped with the leadership skills, practical tools and knowledge to make a valuable and lasting positive change at their college campuses, high schools and in their communities. We look forward to seeing their courage community projects come to life.

MOT SA invited MOT Brand Ambassadors as guest motivational speakers to address the challenges that the youth face daily. The ambassadors inspired and encouraged the Young MOTivators to overcome their obstacles by being true to themselves, focusing on their goals and dreams and caring for one another. Thank you to role models and MOT Brand Ambassadors, MJ Li, Ency Litsoane and Simon Ekin for their time and commitment to empowering the youth and sharing their courage with all of us.

The 2018 Young MOTivator educations were simply…AWESOME, AMAZING AND INSPIRING! We look forward to the Young MOTivators’ Inspiration Event in October where our newly trained Young MOTivators will present their community projects to the MOT SA office and fellow peers.

Julia Duminy,
MOT South Africa