Highlights from MOT Latvia


MOT Latvia has 6 new schools on board and in August 31 new and very enthusiastic MOT coaches and 6 MOT coordinators attended the latest basic education.

This means that MOT Latvia now has 5 000 youth in the MOT programme – an incredible growth over a short time!

The enthusiasm among the Latvian MOT associates is truly inspirational! Just a few hours after the end of the education the new ones met with the already active MOT associates at the MOT Enthusiast gathering. We were happy to attend too and were overwhelmed by the great spirit from both the new and ‘old’ ones. We were so proud to feel their proudness of being part of MOT. The surroundings were amazing and both the workshops and dinner were outdoors.

We are impressed by what Country Manager Ilze makes happen together with her small and handpicked team.


Sigrun & Atle

The MOT Foundation

Ilze at the opening of the MOT Enthusiast gathering


The MOT associates enjoying the outdoor dinner


Outdoor workshop