Giving Young MOTivators skills for the future


News from MOT Thailand

As a teacher in a school I’ve applied and got funding from the municipality for project that is going to help youth prepare for occupations and jobs after graduation from school. When I got the funding I decided to offer something to our Young MOTivators. Together with Yai who is MOT Thailand’s Country Manager and Rolf, who is also part of the MOT Thailand team, we invited the Young MOTivators to attend a baking course. The Young MOTivators enjoyed it very much and because the project was successful we hope that we will get funding also for more courses.

I also have another small ‘private’ project selling homemade food. I’m quite proud of the my project’s logo with a picture of my own son. I’m also very happy to give 2 % of the income from the sales to MOT Thailand.


Pla Pasuta Sakana

Core Activities manager, MOT Thailand