In 2018 MOT Norway has received important support from the national government and is one of the organisations the Norwegian government recommend supporting through the government budget for 2019.

The following annotations about MOT have been made in the national state budget:

Health and Care Comittee 

«The majority of the committee will emphasize the importance of voluntary and non-profit organizations’ efforts to improve public health. The majority wish to highlight MOT with its long experience and good results, which is an important contributor in the work with inclusion, mastery of life and youth’s physical health.»


From the Family and Culture Comittee: 

«This majority will point out the important work MOT is doing to create a safe and inclusive society, and will emphasize the importance of maintaining the organisation’s contribution to the post.»

To get this kind of recognition from the state government is very important to us. This means we can reach even more youth in 2019.


Regine Oen Hatten
Communication Manager
MOT Norway