22.-23. March MOT Foundation facilitated the MOT World Summit in Nong Khai, Thailand.

The country managements from all five MOT countries; Norway, Latvia, South Africa, Denmark and Thailand, were gathered for this important meeting.

During the MOT World Summit, the countries have shared best practices and learned a lot from each other. It is great to see how the MOT countries copy each other with pride and lift each other to new heights. This creates a great culture.

One of the highlights of the MOT World Summit was that MOT Foundation launched MOT’s supplementary programme School as a Society Builder globally, which has been tested by MOT Norway over the past five years, with great success. Now, the rest of the countries will follow in MOT Norway’s footprints and start implementing the programme.

After the MOT World Summit, the other countries had the honour of attending MOT Thailand’s Enthusiast Gathering. The day was filled with music, joy and new friendships as we got to meet many of Thailand’s Young MOTivators and MOT coaches.

MOT Foundation is impressed by all the country managements. They work very hard to improve youth’s lives every day, and at the same time they have a great passion and lot of fun doing the most important work in the world – strengthening youth’s robustness and courage.