My story of courage


My name is Darryll Fredericks and I am a Young MOTivator from Boland TVET College, Caledon Campus (South Africa).

This is my story of Courage.

I was born a
premature baby and that came with a few complications. I was so small that I
couldn’t breathe on my own. The doctors said that my parents should prepare
themselves for the “worst”. Another implication I’ve had is that I’m completely
blind in my right eye and my eye sight in my left eye is so poor that there was
a possibility of going completely blind. For years I allowed this to affect me
negatively. I allowed it to define who I am.

As an
11-year-old boy, my cousin was playing rugby and my grandfather said that I’ll
never be as good as my cousin and that hurt a lot! But it turned out to be the
push I needed.

I started
doing athletics back in 2009, but not because I’m a fast runner or to get girls
to like me, nor was it because of my family, but it was the fact that somewhere
out there is a child being told that he/she is not good enough and that their dreams
do not matter. Today I have achieved 2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze and medal of
appreciation. I also contributed to our college winning 3rd place
in 2018 and this year winning 1st place in 100m running.

I joined the
MOT Programme in 2017 and it was the best decision ever! There I learnt that I
determine my own destiny, to respect all religions, to treat everyone with
respect, no matter if they’re a man or woman and to never look down on another

Through MOT,
I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes and that you learn from them. Where
other people might see a failure, I see it as a lesson.

Thank you,
MOT for giving me this platform and opportunity to be myself.