Sarah’s dream


In MOT Denmark we start the Dream Period in December with the Dream session in 8th grade. We have educated our schools to dig into the dream assignments from the students: read them, take them seriously, encourage them to go for it – and when possible, take some of the dreams and make them come true. We in MOT Denmark get some dreams too, that we try to fulfill as best as we can.

As we all know, a dream can be big and small, it can be for yourself or charitable – either way, our dreams are of great inspiration for others when shared.

This is Sarah. She’s a Young MOTivator on Katrinebjergskolen in Aarhus, Denmark. Sarah has an older brother with Down’s syndrome. During MOT Denmarks Dream period, Sarah wrote: “My dream is to give my brother the best possible life by letting him know how proud I am of him” … “I would like to speak about my brother in front of a large group”.

Yesterday Sarah made a speech about her brother with Down’s syndrome in our school. She spoke about how difficult it used to be that he is her older brother but also her younger brother in some ways. This is something she used to find difficult to talk about openly and sometimes she was a little embarrassed about it too.

Today Sarah appreciates her brother, Anders very much and she is extremely proud of him. She said: ”My big brother and his friends live life to the fullest! They never think ”what if…” but they just get the best out of every situation. I think we could all learn from that”.

Sarah, you are so cool! To take matters into your own hands like this and just jump right into it speaking openly and lovingly about your brother, is a great inspiration for us all. You most definitely have MOT in your heart and we are so proud of you.