MOT Latvia experienced an unforgettable summertime, having 3 highlights in the row: 2 MOT Basic educations and the MOT Enthusiast gathering.

More than 50 new MOT Enthusiasts have joined our Latvian MOT family. Highly talented, inspirational, YIS-way born people who created magical evenings on the 2nd day of the MOT Basic education by making wonderful music – playing guitar, accordion, singing all together, playing games and laughing on top jokes

Right after the
2nd MOT Basic education we had our MOT Enthusiast gathering with both the new
MOT coaches and the ones that have been MOT coaches for 1 year or more. The
newest MOT Enthusiasts inspired the big group with fresh energy, highest
motivation and great MOT spirit.

For the 1st time in MOT Latvia’s history we also had Young MOTivators on stage of MOT  Enthusiast gathering! This was a special moment to meet them and see what MOT has given to them, both Rezija and Adrians.

On 2nd of
September the new school year in Latvia will be starting and we look very much
forward to be back with MOT in 40 MOT schools and to be there for more than
5300 youth.

Ilze Paidere-Staķe
Country Manager, MOT Latvia