MOT Denmark is having great success


MOT Denmark is more successful than ever! But how do we measure our success?

Implementation: The programme Robust Youth 12-16 is running smoothly and professionally in all schools. We have the “best man for the job” in every MOT coach, MOT coordinator and MOT leader role! This has been a process but we have nailed the recruitment so that our retention rate (which has always been good) is solid and better than ever.

Another parameter is that our MOT schools are taking all reinforcement activities to heart. Our Value Month has woken up the school’s creativity. As the pictures and video show, Farsø Skole, received all pupils, parents and teachers with MOT spirit! This is the first day of school and they call it “Feel good morning”. Also, we have launched a MOT Festival which is also a part of the Value Month. This year it will be a test to see if our mission can be met by MOT pupils in Denmark. Our mission is to create a MOT gathering for all MOT pupils in Denmark in order to give them a chance to feel and experience MOT’s values in a community that is bigger than a lot of them are aware of.

Recruitment: As I mentioned, we have nailed the recruitment process with our recruitment videos and clear expectations between MOT Denmark and the school principal. We have now completed 2 out of 4 MOT basic educations and I am so proud to see the ownership from all participants! They are youthful, playful, sincere and most of all – extremely proud and honored to have been picked as MOT-coaches! One thing I have noticed on these 2 basic educations is their rhetoric. From day one they say We in MOT! They see themselves as part of MOT and so much that they include themselves in MOT as part of a big team. That really makes me smile!

Commitment: “If I can help with something in MOT, anything, please let me know” – this is something we hear all the time! From school principals, MOT coaches and the youth.

“Dear Stina. I know MOT from my previous school and yesterday I went to my new school’s principals office and told him about MOT! I told him that we have to have MOT in this school and what MOT has done for me and my former school. And guess what? I stayed there for almost a whole hour and he wants MOT at my new school now! Can he contact you?” this came into my mailbox last Tuesday.

Surveys and numbers: More and more schools can now see the effect of MOT. For example, Lillebæltskolen finished the first round of the programme this summer. The national 9th graders’ well-being test showed the highest score ever. The same school had the highest average on their examination in 9th grade.

Violence is going down in the stressed areas where MOT schools are situated.

Last but not least, the schools that are interested in MOT come to us. We could have taken more new schools this year but we are determined to keep the quality on the core activity at its highest, so a lot of schools must wait another year.

Number of schools 2018: 73

Number of youth 2018: 26.646

Number of schools 2019: 98

Number of youth 2019: 40.100

We are starting the Robust Youth programme 16-25 on 3 new schools this year and we are very excited to try this out.

Our 4th MOT basic education this year will be in English as we have some new international schools with MOT.

Best wishes to all of you

Stina Grøn  Vogel
Core Activity Manager, MOT Denmark