Back to school in Latvia


September is a very special month for MOT Latvia every year as it is a starting point for both – all MOT schools and our junior MOT coaches, coming straight from the Basic education in August. They come to school with the highest motivation, inspiration, idealism and high expectations towards themselves and youth. It’s so exciting to be a witness to how young MOT coaches share their first experiences in their classrooms. It’s very touching to read how creative, wise, sincere and innovative their first steps are in the new role as MOT coach. We use whatsapp group for all MOT coaches and it gives a lot of inspiration and ownership to all the other MOT coaches too.

Meanwhile, the MOT management never sleeps when it comes to finances and came into 2nd round in the competition of Riga City council for youth’ s supporting projects. Let’s hope for a positive decision!

Ilze Paidere-Staķe
Country Manager, MOT Latvia