There are so many things going on in MOT Thailand.

It is not quite easy, but I and Pikky (MOT Thailand’s Country Manager) are working on it and there is not a single day that we are not working with one another. After some times that I and Pikky are looking and recruiting right person to be on the new MOT Board Members, we were thinking that we would like them to have better understanding about MOT. We came up with an idea of MOT Basic education for new members and recruit some volunteers who will work with us as team in the future. These people will not be called MOT coach, but they are MOT Team. I and Pikky cannot run all the preparation of each time so these people volunteer themselves and we need to get them understand better about what they are volunteering for. There were 20 people all together. Now they know better about MOT and they will journey with us as we grow. Our Governor, Mr. Ronachai Jitwiset, was touched and came to give support to all participants to live MOT and to make MOT possible in Nong Khai and Udon Thani this year and then we can spread to others provinces. I was so grateful for his powerful speech. Participants were very happy and are willing to journey with us.

Today, I called for our first board meeting (new team). I would like to hear some of the feedback of our team about the last MOT Basic education and to plan for a soon future work. There were 7 people who came for the meeting. I felt their great support. I feel the growth of MOT Thailand is on the way, clear and energized. The new team members are committed with passion for youth and for MOT. Mr. Niyom (hotel director and new and great supporter of MOT Thailand) and his wife said, ” I felt my family is getting big. We are one in heart and in mind. MOT is real and it will be very exciting to see the future”.

Sutisa Utalun
Chairperson, MOT Thailand

Enijoy some more pictures from well known MOT exercises: