MOT Denmark on the political scene


October has been another amazing month here in Denmark.

We made our first public appearance on the political scene at a fundraising event with the theme “Life Mastery in the Danish school”. Our Core Activity Manager, Stina, spoke to Danish politicians of MOT as a life mastery programme that applies to the youth in a youthful, energetic and active way. Stina stressed the importance of “the right people for the job” when we talk about developing robust youth who master life, as life is, with its ups and downs. 

Other great events in October were our two Young MOTivator educations in two different areas of Denmark. That means we now have 131 new Young MOTivators. In charge of Young MOTivator is former MOT coach of the year, Kira, who has indeed enhanced the programme.

Mark Vogel

Country Manager, MOT Denmark