Work proactively


Maybe social problems in society can be prevented by building up archives?

Maybe social problems in society can be prevented by a written set of rules with a clear allocation of rights and duties? The risk by too much focus on rules is that decisions are made regardless of the client’s status. It also leads to slow procedures and lack of flexibility or ability to find solutions that are “good enough”. It may lead to
rigorous solutions without regard to individual needs and common sense. It
might make us so obsessed with rules, that although they might lead to funny, or in worst case destructive results, we stick to the set routines.

Working proactively by building good cultures and robustness in society is a better and more certain way of solving social problems in society.

Robustness strengthens the ability to deal with difficulties and rejection and protects against mental problems. Robustness promotes good mental health and quality of life.

Cultures that are stimulating and inclusive prevent social society problems including crime and extremist violence.

Many are recruited to extremist environments because they have no friends or network.

Research shows similarities among many of those who connect with extremist environments, such as lack of connection with positive environments, alcohol and drug abuse and crime.

Create schools and local communities where all feel like winners One year ago, the city Christchurch in New Zealand experienced a tragedy. The attacks
killed 51 people and injured 49. A terrorist shooting from a 28-Year-old man. Classmates remembered him as a disruptive and cocky person. He also was like the class
clown. Always trying to make people laugh and always being silly. He was a
teenager who was bullied, even by friends. “I think he was drawn by this dark fantasy of going zero to hero”, said Professor Greg
Barton, chair of global Islamic politics at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Globalisation & Citizenship. The city’s Mayor said: “This sort of extremism is not something that we’ve seen here. But
he is not from here. He came here with hate in his heart and intention to kill in his mind. So he did not develop his hatred here. He came here to perform this act of terrorism.” Youth need tools enabling them to deal with life and resistance. We need schools and local
communities that work as arenas for mastery. When young people experience mastery and environments with a positive connection, they have less need for getting the world’s attention by acts of destroying lives and society.

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