Highlights from MOT Norway


The past moth has been demanding for Norway and countries all over the world.

The Covid-19 virus has turned our everyday upside down. Since 16th of March all the schools in Norway have been closed, which means that there naturally is a lot less MOT activity towards the schools. But when the wind blows you can either build a wall, or you can build a windmill. In MOT Norway we’ve tried our best to choose the last option.

So even though these are difficult times, we have had some great highlights the past month:

Digital MOT inspiration
As soon as we realized that the schools we’re closed and it wasn’t possible to have MOT sessions as usual, we started to make easy manuscripts with MOT inspiration for the MOT coaches so that they could have short sessions with the youth over the web. This has been very well received from our MOT partners in Norway.

Youth are engaging
Fantastic Young MOT leaders have written blog posts for us about the situation and sent us videos that we’ve shared in social media. We’ve seen Young MOTivators all over the country contributing to spread joy and positivity in their local communities. It’s just great to see the youth engaging.

The social media activity has increased
We have chosen to be more visible on social media in these times, and we see that we reach out to a lot more youth than usual with our activities. Now we have reached 12 000 followers on Instagram and close to 34.000 followers on Facebook. It is a great opportunity to spread the MOT message.

New MOT ambassador

Last but not least we just signed up a new MOT ambassador: Emil Iversen. He is a cross-country skier and has two gold medals from the world Championship from the World Ski Championships in 2019. He wanted to become a MOT ambassador now because he believes that MOT is more important than ever in these times.

Although we look forward to this period is over, we must admit that we have learned so much from this already. MOT Norway will come out stronger, bigger and better after this.

Regine Oen Hatten, Core Activities Director, MOT Norway