MOT Thailand updates


MOT Thailand joined with various organizations to promote MOT to society.

On 7th of July 2020, Mr. Niyom Budda as a Vice chairperson, and Dr.Pitchayasukan Thonganantiwong of MOT Thailand attended the funeral of Mrs. Saengduen Pakmoei’s son who is the MOT Coach at Nongsaeng District, Udon Thani.

On 8th of July 2020, welcoming the President of Udon Thani Provincial Administrative Organization and the Executive Committee at MOT Thailand Camp to survey the place to send the school teachers that made agreement already to train MOT Basic Education after COVID as soon as possible.

Mr. Niyom Budda as a Vice chairman and Dr. Pitchayasukan Thonganantiwong as a CEO of MOT Thailand attended the opening ceremony of the office of psychosocialists. at Nong Khai Provincial Court on 16th of July, 2020.

On 24th of July, 2020, Dr.Pitchayasukan Thonganantiwong as a MOT coach went to Ban Nadee Kokklang MOT school to follow up and organize activities to strengthen youth and to create a responsible society.

Pikky Thonganantiwong, CEO MOT Thailand