You’re not “this” or “that”. You’ve got different sides


Lazy, sweet or loud. Kindhearted, greedy or boring. Attention seeking, dull or selfless.

Have you ever been called any of these, or other words? Whether they are positive or negative, the labels people put on you do not define you.

We all have different sides to us that makes up who we are. Have you thought about that your friends know one version of you, your teachers another and your parents might see other sides of you? We all have complex personalities and we let people see different sides. When somebody says you’re quiet and others say you’re loud, maybe they are both right, or both wrong.

You can be loud AND quiet, you can be lazy AND productive, you’re allowed to feel heartbroken AND joyful at the same time. These emotions can coexist, and you are allowed to be both.